Dimo Dimitriv Dimov Dimo Dimitriv Dimov

Dimo Dimitriv Dimov

(1978 + 2002)

Dimo Dimitrov Dimov, was born on January 5th, 1978 in the city of Plovdiv. He is the first child of Dimitar Dimov Dimov and Maria Pencheva Dimova. The early years of his childhood Dimo spends together with his younger brother in the village of Krasnovo, in the house where their grand parents live. These early childhood years leave a substantial trace in his mind and contribute for the formation of the character of a wonderful young person. After graduating the secondary school Dimo is accepted in a specialized school for wood processing in the town of Plovdiv and following the successful graduation is a period of two years in the production of furniture. Later on he becomes a student at the Higher Institute for Agriculture in his hometown where he completes six successful semesters. In the summer of 1999 Dimo arrives in the United States of America as a participant in a student exchange program. After the end of his contract with the farm in which he is employed, Dimo settles down in Minneapolis, MN. There he starts a course for a professional driver license, and after taking the exams, he becomes a professional truck driver. Facing the challenges of his destiny, later Dimo decides to move to Chicago and to start working for DDR trucking company. There he is employed until the end of his life. The news of Dimchos death was accepted by all of us with deep sorrow, endless pain, and rejection. It was impossible for us to believe that the same smiling boy who was yesterday with us, is no longer a part of this world, and will never be back from his latest journey. As he chose the life of the roamer, the man who travel the remote parts of this country, Dimcho and his IRON HORSE became one and galloped away to eternity. His life was as short as the life of a falling star, as the ephemerality of a summer night, and the short-lived existence of the divine sunrise. However, the ravishing memories of him will stay with us forever. He was a quiet rebel, a bohemian in captivesness of an everlasting readiness to help his family and friends. Like most of us, he fought life away from home and had victories. Only one battle he lost. The dreadful hand of death put an end to his precious young life and left us all in tears. Rest In Peace, Dear Friend! May God Has Mercy On Your Soul! From all that loved You! This death notice will always remain on the Internet as the everlasting remembrance of Dimo Dimitriv Dimov.

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