Dusan Marinkovic Dusan Marinkovic

Dusan Marinkovic

(1922 + 2001)

This death notice will always remain on the Internet as the everlasting remembrance of Dusan Marinkovic.

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Peter Marinkovic (Jr.) (Watertown , Wisconsin)

Unfortunately, I was a bit young to remember much about our visits to Grandpa Dusan. One thing I do remember is that he always gave me the feeling of playing an important role in the legacy of the Marinkovic name in the US. I didn’t quite understand it, but now that I have 3 sons, it was an honor to carry on the Marinkovic legacy and grow it for generations to come! I’m saddened to hear of his passing and wish I had more time to get to know him!

Darlene Geboy (Helenville , Wisconsin)

I remember going to visit Grandpa Dusan, usually around the holidays every year. He seemed especially proud that his son (my Dad) also had a son that would carry on our family name. I wish I would have been able to hear stories from his youth through his journey to U.S. You will be missed, Grandpa! Rest in peace, we love you!

Peter Marinkovic (Watertown , Wisconsin)

I can remember my father mostly when my sisters Maria and Christina would visit him on weekends. Sometimes we would go to the beach in Chicago and maybe to a local swimming pool or perhaps we would just sit with him in his tiny apartment. Dad was a simple man who worked very hard his entire life. A man that loved to save his money. A man who never had a credit card or debt because he paid for everything, including his home and car with cash. He did not hunt, fish or go to baseball games. He was just content living his life as simple as possible. Dad came to America with mom in 1951 with my sisters Christina and Maria and lived in Hartford Ct. Dad worked as a laborer at a nearby knife factory. In 1952 I was the first generation Marinkovic US citizen. I am happy that my father and mother have given us this gift of living in this great country. Dad you will be missed by all. May you rest in peace. We love you.

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