Olivera Sreckovic Olivera Sreckovic

Olivera Sreckovic

(1937 + 2005)

Olivera Sreckovic, was born Olivera Skaperda, December 19, 1937 in what used to be Southern Serbia, in the town of Skopje. Her father Janko Skaperda was of Romanian descent. Her mother Maruska Stojanovic was born in Bujanovac, Serbia she was a warm hearted and generous woman of tremendous strength and courage. Olivera inherited her warmth, kindness, generosity and most important of all her courage, tenacity, resilience and self-sacrificing spirit. Olivera spend most of her childhood and teenage years in Skopje. That was where she lived through WWII and that was where she went through Grammar School and High School. Olivera was one of the best students in all Skopje. Her family suffered after the war when most of their land was confiscated. Olivera went to Belgrade to study English and became an English teacher. Olivera met Slobodan in 1963 on the Yugoslavian seacoast. They got married in 1964 and then moved to Ghana, West Africa where their oldest son Alexander was born in 1967. Younger son Stevan was also born in Ghana in 1970. The family lived in many countries throughout the world (Pakistan, Libya, Egypt, Spain and many others). The family moved to America in 1986 and where they lived since. Olivera raised her sons in Lisle where they both graduated from High School. She was a deeply caring and loving mother and devoted wife. For her, family always came first. After her children moved on to start their lives, Olivera started a second career with Lord and Taylor where she worked for 12 years. She was as devoted to her job as she was when she raised her children. Everything she did in life she put her heart and soul into. No children could ever have had a better mother and no husband a better wife. She was angel and will always be in our hearts. God bless her.

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