Radmila Miloradovic Radmila Miloradovic

Radmila Miloradovic

(1956 + 2002)

TO MOTHER RADMILA I thank God for giving me a blessed mother for whom Jesus Christ is the authority over her soul, mind and body. May the Holy Ghost in conjunction with God and Jesus preside over Mama Radmila. My mother Radmila shall be in heaven for eternity according to Gods will. I thank the foundation of Jesus Christ for dying on the cross for Mama Radmila. Peace, Glory and Honor to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Dusan Miloradovic, son I am thankful that I had a great mother who did a lot for all of our family. I know that she will go to Heaven and will be with God and Jesus for eternal life. May God have mercy on my mothers soul. I glorify God and Jesus. Amen. Radoslav Miloradovic, son This death notice will always remain on the Internet as the everlasting remembrance of Radmila Miloradovic.

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