Sydney Trifunovic Sydney Trifunovic

Sydney Trifunovic

(1932 + 2002)

Sydney Trifunovic, a Canadian-American Serb, great nationalist and committed democrat, passed after a short but grave illness in Trenton, ON (Canada) on Tuesday November 19th, 2002. He was retired, but an active and very proud Life Associate Member of the US Marine Corps League in St. Petersburg, FL. Sydney-Sam was born in Belgrade, Serbia on Wednesday February 24th, 1932, as the younger son to Ljubomir (one of the 1300 corporals-students in WW I) and Vera, nee Skrober. He graduated from the First Boys High School in Belgrade and went on to the University of Belgrade. He was persecuted, arrested and tortured while in high school and at the University because of his nationalist beliefs and because his father was a Serbian officer executed by the communists. He soon realized that there was no future for him under the communist yoke ruling Serbia at the time, and decided to flee the country. As a member of the Serbian nationalist White Eagles youth organization he and the two other members of his cell defied death by crossing the Iron Curtain into Austria. Shortly upon arrival he moved on to (then) West Germany and later immigrated to Canada. There he found freedom, his new country and a new home. Soon, his mother and aunt joined him in Canada. Diligent, cheerful and with the gift of a great sense of humor, he also strived for more knowledge. He continued his studies at the University of Toronto and graduated. Multitalented and enterprising he always wanted to be his own boss and successfully started and operated several small businesses. Sam loved nature and warm climates and found both by spending summers on his farm at Lake Consecon in Canada and winters on the beaches of St. Petersburg, FL. A confirmed bachelor he was predeceased by his father, brother, mother and aunt. He had no other close relatives. Per his own explicit wish, he was interred by his beloved Lake Consecon. The traditional Serbian Orthodox forty-day memorial service will be conducted at the St. Sava church at the Serbian Cemetery in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday, December 28th, 2002. He leaves behind many grieving friends and acquaintances around the world and of many different nationalities. He will always be loved and remembered for his honesty, sincerity, selflessness and intelligence. Sam was always ready with a helping hand or word to all that sought his help or advice in the true spirit of a real Serbian and Christian. For the Venerable Cross and Precious Freedom-Liberty or Death! Memory Eternal! This death notice will always remain on the Internet as the everlasting remembrance of Sydney Trifunovic.

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