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Drаgојlа Stојić
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Our unique and personalized services are designed to meet individual budgets and needs, whether immediate assistance is needed or if planning-ahead is conducted. Families have the ability to opt for one of the many available cost-saving pre-planning options.
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We specialize in handling funerals from anywhere in the United States to any cemetery in the greater Chicago land area, or, with our own personnel in Serbia, to any cemetery in the former Yugoslavia or any other country in Eastern Europe. A funeral in the old country, including air transportation, is often less expensive than the burial and the cemetery costs in the United States.
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veta Gora-Mt. Athos Christian Orthodox Funeral Home has been family-owned & operated since  its consecration on July 15, 2000. It is founded  on principles of providing our community with a  dignified Christian Orthodox funeral service, in accordance with centuries old Christian Orthodox traditions & customs. Our services are always based on high quality, value and compassion.
For immediate assistance with a death please call: 773.588.2200
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Sveta Gora-Mt. Athos Christian Orthodox Funeral Home is certified as a "Known Shipper" by the TSA (U.S. Transportation Services Administration) and most major international airlines, easing the process of holding services outside the United States.