Bozidar Pantelic Bozidar Pantelic

Bozidar Pantelic

(1940 +2010)

Bozidar Pantelic, age 70, passed into eternal life on December 27, 2010. Born on March 3, 1940 in Lazarevac, Serbia to Sava and Zivka Pantelic. Bozidar worked at the Kolubara, the largest thermal power plant in Serbia, as an engineer. He emigrated with his family to the USA in 1992. Bozidar is survived by his wife Ivanka; son Djordje (Shelley) Pantelic, daughter Katarina (Alan) Orb, grandchildren: Isabella, Luka and Nikolai Pantelic and Aleksandra Orb, sister Marija Jerenic, niece Tijana Jerenic, brother in-law Aleksandar (Olga) Kaljevic, as well as numerous other relatives and friends in the Fatherland and the USA. Memory eternal. Visitation Thursday, December 30, 2010 from 10 to 11 a.m. at the Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral, 5701 N Redwood Drive, Chicago, IL 60631. Opelo (Serbian Orthodox Funeral Service) Thursday, December 30, 2010 – 11 a.m. at the Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral. Interment at the New Gracanica Cemetery. —————————————————————— Bozidar Pantelic was born in Lazarevac, March 3, 1940, to father, Sava, and mother, Zivka, Bozidar spent his youth in Lazarevac, where he completed his elementary and secondary schooling in 1959. In seventh grade he met his wife, Ivanka. Later he finished high school and went on to college in Belgrade, majoring in electrical engineering, then transferring after the first year to mechanical engineering, realizing that he liked it better. Upon graduating, he married Ivanka, and in 1969 they left for America, seeking better opportunities and experiences. In Chicago, he began working for Sergeant Lundy as a project manager in the area of nuclear technology, specifically the cooling process of nuclear reactors in Zanian, La Salle and Denver, Colorado. In 1973, son George was born and that same year, nostalgic for his homeland, Bozidar returned to Serbia. In Lazarevac, he began work in Kolubari as a project manager. Realizing that Lazarevac was being targeted by private energy companies, he came upon the idea of using resources, gas, oil, to heat all of Lazarevac and surrounding areas. With the help of some childhood friends, he managed to bring his idea to fruition. He was the head manager of the entire project. He did not neglect his family, but rather built a magnificent home and with great love, transferred all his knowledge to his son George, and his daughter, Katarina. The war in 1992 caused him to leave Serbia with his family back to Chicago, leaving behind all that he had worked for and created. Upon his return to Chicago, he worked at Abbot Labs and with other projects and private companies wich were in need of his skills and engineering talent and vast experience. The first heart bypass was done in 1994, during which time his son finished school and went to work as a contractor at the new John Stroger Hospital, and his daughter finished college and went on for her masters degree. His restless spirit would not allow him rest, and he opened a granite factory with his son. On the third floor he created a workshop where he worked on projects and ideas from his youth. Death came upon him while working diligently in his workshop on that which he most loved and which brought him the most joy. He leaves behind him his bereaved wife, son and daughter-in-law, daughter and four grandchildren. ————————————————-

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Alan Pantelic - Orb (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

His face was peaceful and free of pain upon his passing. We miss him so much words cannot say. He taught me the meaning of living for others and welcomed me into his family as his son. God bless Bozidar and I will stay open to his visits to us.

Radmila Jakovljevic Stakic (Lazarevac, Srbija)

Iskreno saucesce porodici Pantelic povodom smrti vaseg supruga,oca i brata Rada Jakovljevic Ex Stakic.

Dragisa Nedeljkovic (Lazarevac, Srbija)

Nase iskreno saucesce Ivanki, Djordju i Katarini. Porodica Nedeljkovic iz Lazarevca

Leka Pavlovic/Arizona (Lazarevac, Srbija)

Drage komsije,moje iskreno saucesce.

Veljko Marinkovic (Lazarevac, Srbija)

Ujna Ivanci,bratu Djordju i sestri Katarini: Primite iskreno saucesce u bolu i tuzi koji su vas iznenada zadesili. Porodica Marinkovic

Milovan Dišić (Lazarevac, Srbija)

Primite saučešće u vašem bolu. porodica Dišić

ljilja Zoric (Lazarevac, Srbija)

Primite nase iskreno saucesce Ljilja,Sneza i Milena Zoric.

milijana i gordana simunovic i bjekovic (Lazarevac, Srbija)

primite iskreno saucesce,mi smo uz vas.budite jaki!

Radomir Bobic (Lazarevac, Srbija)

Drage komsije,Primite nase najiskrenije saucesce povodom smrti vaseg najmilijeg.Ostace zauvek u secanju.Svi smo zateceni.Rade sa porodicom

tijana jerinic (Beograd, Srbija)

Mom jedinom ujaku poslednji pozdrav, njegova sestricina Tijana

Sasa Jokic (New York, NY)

Aleksandar Sandic

Aleksandar Sandic (Lazarevac, Srbija)

Jako mi je zao sto cujem da je cika Boza preminuo. Djordje, Katarina i Ivanka primite iskreno saucesce od porodice Sandic iz Lazarevca.

Dragoslav Pakic (Beograd, Srbija)

Povodom iznenadne smrti dragog nam Boze porodicama Pantelic i orb izrazavamo najiskrenije saucesce u njihovom bolu i zalosti. Porodica Pakic, rodom iz Lazarevca

Бранко Ковачевић (Лазаревац, Србија)

Божи, свом поштованом суграђанину, са болом и тугом упућујем последњи поздрав.Његовој породици и родбини, поводом ненадокнадивог губитка, изражавам најискреније саучешће. Господ нека му душу прости.

dr.Prvoslav-Lule Mihailović (Lazarevac, Srbija)

Poslednji pozdrav prijatelju iz detinjstva i školskom drugu.Iskreno saučešće Ivanki,Đorđu,Katarini.Ostaće nam u večnom sećanju onakav kakvog smo ga videli u Oktobru ove godine u Lazarevcu.Bog neka mu dušu prosti iRajsko naselje podari

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