Dejan Kuljanin Dejan Kuljanin

(2002 +2023)

У недељу 1. октобра 2023. године у 21. години живота у трагичној саобраћајној несрећи плестало је да куца младо и племенито срце Дејана Куљанина, рођеног 24. маја 2002. године у Рокфорду, држава Илиноис, од оца Драгана и мајке Златане Куљанин. Вјечнаја памјат.

Родбина и пријатељи опростили су се од покојног Дејана у четвртак 5. октобра 2023. године у 11 сати пре подне приликом Опела у манастиру Нова Грачаница, 35240 W Grant Ave, Third Lake, IL 60046.

После Опела обављена је сахрана на манастирском гробљу.

После сахране послужена је даћа за покој Дејанове душе.

Отац Драган; мајка Златана; Брат Срђан; Теткe: Жељка Куљанин, Ленка Мршић, Данијела Петровић са супругом Верoљубом; Братичине и сестричине: Николина Томпсон са супругом Филипом, Кристина Чулић са супругом Николом, Никола Куљанин са супругом Јеленом, Марко Куљанин, Предраг Мршић са супругом Никол и Маријана Петровић; Братанци и сестрићи: Ландон и Мадали Томпсон, Јован, Илија, Милијана, Анђелија и Марко Чулић, Стефан и Ања Куљанин, као и остала многобројна родбина, кумови и пријатељи у Отаџбини, Америци и широм света.

За додатне информације можете се обратити СВЕТОЈ ГОРИ, српском православном погребном заводу у Чикагу на телефон 773-588-2200.

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Edith Arroyo (Rockford, Illinois)

Words cannot express the sadness my heart feels. Dejan was my best friend. He made my life 1,000% better. My heart, condolences, and prayers go out to his family. Not only was he an incredibly smart and dedicated student, but he was also an amazing friend, and a wonderful son/brother/cousin/nephew. Dejan's heart for education and health care was inspiring and he had a huge impact on my life, our cohort, and all the lives he touched while working. And his love for his family and culture was so strong. Dejan will ALWAYS have a special place in our hearts, and nothing could ever change that.

Brian Buhck (Rockford, Illinois)

Zlatana and Family, Hearing this news really took the wind out of my sails - all the times we have talked about our family's and what has been going on in their life's. I cant image what this would be like and can only offer our deepest sympathy. Love and prayers to you all Brian & Molly Buhck and family

Rose Brown (Rockford , Ill)

Zlatana and family. I was so sorry for your loss of Dejan. Your stories of your boys always made me smile. My prayers in this difficult time are with all of you.The good memories of him will always be with you.

Stephanie Pena (Rockford, IL)

Such a sweet and kind soul, was always a wonderful friend to my daughter Alexus, just behind his Grandmother's house... Sending prayers ... Thinking of you all.

Vea Payton (Rockford , Illinois )

My Condolences to the entire Family. My prayers are with you. Dejan, his smile and love will truly be missed.

Josette Fillbach (Beloit, WI)

I am so sorry for your family's loss. My heart breaks for you all.

Svjetlana Slavic (Rockford , Il)

Iskreno saucesce Draganu I Zlati ,pokoj dusi andelu bozijem koji nas je prerano napustio .laka mu crna zemlja ,pocivaj u miru bozijem

Alyssa Hopkins (Rockford , Illinois )

My deepest condolences goes out to dejans family. I was one of Dejans classmates at Rockford University. Dejan had the deepest passion for teaching and he expressed that in class. He was the type of student that wasn’t shy nor afraid of raising his hand just to answer a question or to respond to something we were talking about in class. He would of been a fantastic teacher and I know he would of been loved by the students. He was taken way to soon and his presence is definitely missed at Rockford University.

Savannah Turen (Rockford, Illinois)

I was a classmate of Dejan’s at Rockford University. We met freshman year of college and became friends through the many many classes we had together. He truly was an amazing person that could light up a room with his smile and laughter. He will forever be in our hearts at Rockford University and be dearly missed by all. His passion for teaching was inspiring which I will carry on to my future classroom in honor of him. My heart goes out to you and your family during this time.

Kelli Feather-Henigan (Winnebago, IL)

Zlatana and family, I am devastated and heartbroken to hear of your loss. My deepest condolences. I cannot imagine what you must be going through. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Glisic Milena (Smederevo, Srbija)

Najmiliji nasi,primite najiskrenije saucesce povodom vaseg gubitka i tragicne smrti voljenog Dejana.Znamo da je bol ogromna i da je gubitak nenadoknadiv i saosecamo sa vama u tom bolu.Budite ponosni na Dejana sto je uvek unosio radost u vase živote ali i svih onih koji su ga poznvali.Pamticemo ga nasmejanog i zivece u našim mislima kao sinonim za dobro,vredno i cestito.Neka mu Bog podari nebesko carstvo.Iskreno, porodica Glisic.

Jelena Antanasijevic (Vicenza , Italia )

Primite nase iskreno saucesce. Nek vam Bog da utehu a njemu podari rajsko naselje.

Mattson Gloria (Augusta, GA)

Zlatana, I can’t imagine the pain you are feeling , losing your wonderful, amazing son. You are in my heart and prayers. Sending love from afar. Gloria Mattson

Belinda Roberts (Belvidere , Illinois)

I am so sorry for your loss. I taught Dejan at Rockford University and loved having him in class. Such a kind soul who added richness and depth to our discussions. My heart breaks for you and I wish you peace and comfort in the coming days.

Daryl Messenger (Anna, IL)

Zlatana and family, my heart breaks for you. To lose a child and brother is unimaginable. Prayers for each of you as you move through the coming days.

Andjelka Milutinovic (Des Plaines, IL)

Zlata, Dragan and family I am so sorry for your loss there is no words that will take your pain.

Molly priest (Rockford , Illinois )

I am so very sorry for your loss. I taught Dejan at Eisenhower, but in all fairness he taught me more than I ever taught him. His kind heart and easy smile will always be remembered. Heaven has gained an exceptional angel. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Even in middle school, Dejan would mention his family with the utmost sincerity and regard. He was passionate, creative, empathetic, and brilliant. He was the epitome of kindness and his absence is such a loss to all that knew him. The world has lost one of the best, but heaven has gained an everlasting angel.

Ursula Sobottka (Machesney Park, IL)

I am so sorry for you loss, Zlatana. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family during this very difficult time.

Srdjan Bozic (Rockford, IL)

Ожалошћеној породици,фамилији и пријатељима Упокојеног Дејана желимо искрено саучешће Срђан,Мина и Бојан

Slobodanka Savovic (Lynnwood , Washington)

Pokoj dusi Andjelu Dejanu Iskreno saucesce Dragane ,Zlati I Dejinu bratu i ostaloj porodici Vjecnaja pamja

Dee Ram Koneru (Rockford, Illinois )

Our condolences to your family. Let his sole rest in peace 🙏

Branislav Sarafijanovic (Las Vegas , Nevada )

Primite nase najiskrenije saučešće. Neka mu Bog dusu prosti i da počiva u miru.

Veronica Austin (Rockford, IL)

Zlatana my heart breaks for you and your family. He was such a sweet person. I don't know what you are going through but I think he is looking down with love for all of you.

Jasmina Sakic (Park Ridge, IL)

Our beloved, sweet, kind, and generous angel, you departed from us far too early, yet your brief time here left an indelible mark on the world. The world was deprived of your presence, for you had already begun to make it a better place in such a short span. Your radiant smile was a reflection of your beautiful heart, a bright light that will be sorely missed, enduring in our memories forever.

Jovana Sarić (South Beloit, Illinois)

Primite naše iskreno saučešće. Neka vam Bog podari snage da ovo izdržite zajedno. Dragi Dejan neka počiva u miru Božijem.

Twyla Hauser (Cherry Valley , Illinois )

Zlatana it saddens me to hear about your sons passing, my heart is heavy for the grieving of your family. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. 🙏❤️

Nevenka Tomic (nee Todorovic) (Park Ridge, Illinois)

Zlata, Dragan, Srdjan and family, My heartfelt condolences on the loss of your son. I only know Zlata and did not know +Dejan, but he sounds like a remarkable young man. I can't even imagine what you are all going through and words can't take your pain away. May God and our faith give you strength during this time. Vjecnaja Pamjat

Војислав Озренка и Филип Важић (Rockford, IL)

Примите наше искрено саучешће и израз нашег најдубљег суосјећања и нека његова душа почива у миру

Бошко Глигоревић (Рокфорд, Ил)

Покој души Дејану,Вама здравља и снаге .Ми Вас можемо разумети…

Branislav, Drasko i Dragana Djordjic (Toronto )

Pokoj duši dragom Dejanu, roditeljima da Bog podari snagu i Blagoslov da nastave dalje. Iskreno saučešće porodici Kuljanin od rodbine iz Kanade.

Bozidar Glisic (Rockford , Illinois )

Pokoj ti tvojoj predobroj i velikoj dusi,dobri andjele! Porodici iskreno saucesce,da Vam Bog da snage da izdrzite ovo vreme!

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