Prof. Dr. Miodrag Radulovacki Prof. Dr. Miodrag Radulovacki

Prof. Dr. Miodrag Radulovacki

(1933 +2014)

Prof. Dr. Miodrag Radulovacki, 81, passed into eternal life in Belgrade, Serbia on Tuesday, May 27, 2014. Born on April 28, 1933 in Parage, Backa in Serbia to Georgije and Jelena Radulovacki. Loving father of Predrag (Brad) and Branko Radulovacki, proud grandfather of Grant, Reid, Kathryn and Ryan and beloved brother of Mirjana Radetich. Prof. Dr. Miodrag Radulovacki will be sorely missed by numerous other family members, friends, students and admirers world-wide. Professor Radulovacki was born in Parage in Backa, Serbia, where he started his elementary school. Later on, his graduated from a middle school in Hrtkovci in Srem, Serbia. He attended Gymnasium in Sremski Karlovci where the Radulovacki Family was settled for two centuries. He graduated from Medical School at the University of Belgrade in Belgrade, Serbia, where he also did his postgraduate doctoral studies and obtained a PhD degree in the field of sleep physiology. From 1970 he has worked at the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he was a full professor (tenured professor). From 1982 to 1985, he was a Chair of the Departmental Postgraduate Studies Committee . During his career, he was also a faculty at the University of Belgrade, Serbia and the University of Khartoum, Sudan. His research interest was in the area of physiology, biochemistry and pharmacology of sleep. He is an author or co-author of more than 150 articles published in scientific journals. The scientific career of Professor Radulovacki included a significant contribution in two areas: (1) the role of Adenosine in sleep; here, he was the first to postulate this role, and (2) pharmacological approach in treatment of sleep apnea. Together with his research associate, Dr. David W. Carley, professor Radulovacki became a pioneer in pharmacological treatment of sleep apnea. Dr. Radulovacki and Dr. Carley found several novel therapies for sleep apnea, which were patented by the University of Illinois at Chicago. As a result, in 2010, the University of Illinois awarded them with a prestigious award – Investigator of the Year, which represents a very high academic achievement. Besides his research and teaching work at the Schools of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Illinois, professor Radulovacki dedicated significant efforts to academic collaboration with the University of Belgrade and University of Novi Sad in Serbia. From 1990 to 2002, he brought over 300 students from Serbia, who participated in Radulovacki Students’ Summer Program, and got research experience in the United States. More than 40 students, who were brought by professor Radulovacki to the United States, subsequently did here their postgraduate doctoral studies (PhD studies), and many of them now work at prestigious institutions in the Unites States. For the past 30 years, more than 200 of people from the former Yugoslavia have gotten help from Professor Radulovacki to start their new lives in America. Professor Radulovacki was also a great philanthropist. He gave numerous donations to his hometown – Sremski Karlovci in Serbia. In 2007, professor Radulovacki restored one of the symbols of Sremski Karlovci, a baroque fountain Four Lions. In 2009, he also restored a baroque façade of Ecological Center in in the historic quarter of Sremski Karlovci. In 2010, he reconstructed a tombstone of a famous Serbian poet Branko Radicevic in Strazilovo. Later on, he gave a large donation to build the first self-sustaining building in Serbia in the downtown of Sremski Karlovci. In this building is now Ecological Center, which was renamed Ecological Center Radulovacki. From 2007 to this year, his total donation to Sremski Karlovci reached $343,000. In 2012, Professor Radulovacki personally presented to Serbian Diaspora his initiative for pilgrimage trips to Serbia to learn about Serbian Monasteries and the Serbian National Heritage. This initiative of professor Radulovacki, was greatly supported by the Serbian Patriarch Irinej. In July 2013, the Patriarch personally asked the Clergy in America to support this pilgrimage mission. Professor Radulovacki will always be in our hearts. He touched lives of so many people with his generosity and his great personality. He always advised the youth to be persistent, to persevere and to behave like men of honor in every situation. His sons Predrag and Branko with their spouses, his grandchildren, Grant, Reid, Katie, Ryan and sister Mirjana with her family are deeply saddened by the death of Professor Radulovacki. His other family members, friends, students, and people who respected his work in the United States, Serbia, and throughout the world are deeply saddened as well. Visitation Sunday, June 8, 2014, from 4 pm to 9 pm at Sveta Gora Serbian Orthodox Funeral Home, 3517 N. Pulaski Road in Chicago. Mali Pomen (Wake Service) 7 pm at Sveta Gora. Opelo (Serbian Orthodox Funeral Service) Monday, June 9, 2014 at 12 noon at the Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral, 5701 N Redwood Drive, Chicago, IL 60631. After the Opelo, interment will take place at the St. Sava Cemetery, 32377 Milwaukee Avenue, Libertyville, IL, 60048. Approximate time of the interment is 2:30 p.m. Daca (Memorial Luncheon) will be served after the interment at the New Gracanica Monastery, 35240 W Grant Ave. Third Lake IL 60046. Approximate time of the Memorial Luncheon is 3:45 p.m.

For detailed information please contact:
SVETA GORA FUNERAL HOME, Chicago, tel 773-588-2200.

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Marina Mihailovic Cato (Chicago, IL)

Dear Pedja and Branko, Please accept my deepest sympathy on the loss of your father. He was like a favorite “uncle” to me for over 40 years. I will always remember his enthusiasm for science, art, and music, his passion for life, his love of cross-country skiing, his generosity, and his distinctive and infectious laugh. His spirit will live on in all the good things that he has done and the many lives that he has changed for the better. I will miss him very much.

david eaton (hinsdale, Ill/usa)

Misha – was a wonderful friend – an outstanding physician,scientist, and a wonderful human being – he is missed by many. I will keep him and his family in my prayers. God Bless.

Nadezda Dody Rakic (Hinsdale, IL)

Dragi nas Mico, Moja deca su te zvala “Cika Mico”. Sad tek, kad si nam otiso, mnogo bolje shvacam koja je to bila cast i privilegija. Ti si bio naj skromniji i naj nesebicniji covek koga sam ja imala cast da upoznam. Razmisljajuci o tvom radu i zivotu, lako je prepoznati koliko si mnogo uradio za uspeh i napredak mladih ljudi. Fokus tvog zivota je bio posvecen istrazivanju u nauci i uporan,neprekidan rad da se omoguci uspeh talentovanim studentima. Potsecas me na Teslu: Radio si i ziveo si za buducnost i dobrobit drugih. Mnogo sam od tebe naucila, na cemu ti neizmerno HVALA. Uvek ces nam faliti. Ali drage uspomene na tebe ce ziveti u nama. Dragi nas Mico, putuj mirno i nezno u narucije Bozije.

Leszek Kubin (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Dear Misha, with your passing, we all and the World at large lost some of the beauty and joy of life that you so famously have become to symbolize. To me, and many fellow scientists of the next generation after yours, your science was admirable, but your enthusiasm for being a scientist was nothing short of infectious. Your bright smile and your signature line ringing high above the crowd: “Leszek, My friend!” whenever we met at a conference will stay with me forever. Good bye, Misha. My sincere condolences to the Family of Professor Radulovacki who was loved and admired by so many throughout the World.

Dr. Tomislav Dragovic (Phoenix, Arizona)

Dragi moj Profesore, jos se secam naseg poslednjeg susreta u Cikago, prosloga leta. U Mia Francesca, Little Italy. Coni, Ana i ja se secamo se vasih vedrih prica i uspomena iz mojih postdiplomskih dana, koje cemo zauvek deliti. Vas svetli lik i plemenita dela vecno ce se pamtiti i ceniti. Neka Vam je Vecna Slava i Hvala. Toma Dragovic sa porodicom.

Larry Isaac (Palm Springs, CA)

Goodbye, old friend. A piece of my heart goes with you.

Ervin & Sara Erdos (Chicago, USA)

Misha Sara and I came to say final good-bye after a long, warm friendship with Misha Radulovacki. Before he embarked on his trip, the last one, to Serbia place of his birth Serbia, we had a strange long phone conversation. Misha, obviously the first time, bought a business class ticket, although in spite of his size he used to travel economy class. He did not like to spend money on himself; instead he has done it to help others. For example, he totally supported his sons and nephews to graduate from fine universities and he was very proud that by now after graduation all of them earned more money than he did. This was one reason, as he stated, for being satisfied with his life. He also mentioned that in the little town where he has gone to school and where his father was a school teacher (Karlovci), he donated the restoration of a building to be used for education and the repair of a big fountain in a central square. He was also contented with his scientific achievements, as acknowledged by the huge grant he received with his colleague David Carley. He certainly was aware of having been a good teacher. In retrospect these were all true, but by now these sound like a man – a much younger one than I am (EGE) – leaving, satisfied with his achievements. Yet, it is hard to believe that our next birthday party or Christmas dinner will be spent without him cheering up everybody with funny episodes and a lot of loud laughter. Good-bye Misha, I don’t know what else could I say, that would not appear to be banal, but wherever you are now, believe it that we are missing you.

Lisa and Borko Jovanovic (Chicago, USA)

We are deeply moved by Professor Radulovacki’s passing. He was a force and a light in all his undertakings. Sincere condolensces to his family! His memory will remain in our hearts.

Jelena Bankovic i Nikola Moravcevic (Cikago, Illinois)

Nas dragi, dobri i pleminiti prijatelju, Oprostio si se nama ovde u Beogradu na dan pred tvoj planirani odlazak u Decane a mi tada nismo znali da ce to biti drugaciji oprostaj. Razgovarali smo dugo i toplo a kao i uvek bio si vedar, raspolozen, pun entuzijazma. Pravili smo planove za nasa naredna vidjenja i druzenja u Cikagu i radovali se tome. Od tvog odlaska, Cikago za nas vise nece biti isti bez tebe; bez nasih vidjenja vikendom, dugih razgovora u kojima smo uzivali i kojima smo se tokom nedelje radovali i dopunjavali ih nasim telefonskim razgovorima, svakondnevnim mejlovima ispunjenim uvek necim interesantnim i novim. Pratili smo sa divljenjem sve tvoje podvige i uspehe, divili se tvojoj neiscrpnoj energiji, tvojoj toplini, erudiciji ali pre svega tvojoj pleminitosti i zelji da pomognes drugima koja je bila integralni deo tebe. Nikoli si bio kolega sa istog univerziteta pune cetiri decenije, a meni, nekadasnji student moga oca i moj odani prijatelj koga sam dozivljavala kao clana najuze porodice pa zato ja tvoj odlazak ne prihvatam. Svojim dobrim delima ti ces nastaviti da zivis jer Njegosevo: “Blago tome ko doveka zivi, imao se rasta i roditi” se odnosi na tebe. A ja slicno onome sto je napisao nas drugi velikan, Crnjanski, ja isto verujem da “nema smrti vec samo seoba”. Tvoja dusa se preselila u drugo, rajsko, naselje gde pripada i pocivaj tamo mirno, nas dragi Mico. Iako ces nam mnogo nedostajati, ponosni smo i zahvalni da smo sa tobom podelili dugi niz godina na ovom putu pred tvoj odlazak u vecnost. Tvoji Nikola i Jelena

Vesna Zafirovski (Chicago, IL)

My dear friend Mićo, The words, those feeble instruments of expression, fail me to express the profound sense of loss I feel at your leaving. You left unannounced, without the final farewell, and it seems – almost – that you will walk through the door again, with a broad smile, with a slightly bent gait as you always did. We shared many a story, laugh, opinion and joke in our 30 plus years of friendship and, as I grew older we became more alike in thought and intent. I always loved you since you were impossible not to love but even more than that I genuinely liked you and respected you tremendously. So, I will miss your earthly presence, your visits and our chats, but you will always remain in my heart and thought, just a blink away. Peace to you my dear friend, until we meet again. Vesna

Nedeljko Milic (Chicago, USA)

Dragi profesore, ovo je za mene jako tuzan dan. Jos kao Karlovacki studenat kod Profesorice Marije (vase rodice) nisam nikad slutio da ce jednog dana nasi putevi da se ukrste. Meni je uvek bilo sa radoscu da Vam donesem iz Karlovaca, med koji cika Zare voleo da posalje, sa radoscu sam prihvatio i kada je Buba zamolila da Vam se ponese priznanje koje niste bili u mogucnost da spakujete ( jer kofer nije bio dovoljno velik) …. i razna druga “Karlovacka secanja” sto sam donosio. Hvala na vremenu provedenom uz vecere i ruckove, hvala na druzenju i savetima, hvala sto ste ucinili za nase Karlovce i mozete biti sigurni da cu se drzati naseg dogovora. Kao Karlovcanin Vase delo se nikad nece zaboraviti i bice preneto iz generacije u generaciju. Dragi moj Prefesore, neka Vam je laka zemlja i vecna slava.

Nedeljko Rev. Lunich (Joliet, IL)

Србија је рађала и рађаће људе величине уснулог у Господу професора Радуловачког.У Бога је дубоко веровао, волео Цркву, поштовао и ценио свештенослужитеље, те је и поред многих универзитетско-академских обавеза, налазио време за добричинство, приводећи многе српским црквама и манастирима кроз ходочашћа српским православним светињама. Хвала Вам, драги професоре. Бог да Вам душу прости и вечан Вам покој! Искрено саучешће породици. о. Недељко Лунић, архијерејски намесник чикашки

Ivona Ateljevic (Chicago, USA)

Dragi Profesore, neka vam je vecna slava. Hvala za sve – Letnju praksu, ideje, sanse, pomoc, mudre savete, energiju, i za izuzetnu grupu prijatelja u Chicagu koju ste okupili, negovali, i medjusobno upoznali, i koja vas nikada nece zaboraviti. Vasa Ivona

Nenad Cicmil (Toronto, Canada)

Malo je ljudi koji su ostavili ovako dubok a pozitivan trag u mom zivotu. Bez profesora Radulovackog ja bih ziveo neki drugi zivot. Dok je svako gledao (i gleda) svoje probleme, on se odlucio da omoguci stotinama mladih ljudi skolovanje na prestiznim univerzitetima. Napravio je zaduzbinu u zivim ljudima. Iz sveg srca mu hvala.

Aleksandra Jovanovic Poole (San Diego, CA)

Dragi Profesore Radulovacki – hvala Vam na ostvarenju mog sna da dodjem i edukujem se u Americi. Hvala Vam za prijatelje koje sam upoznala preko Vas. Hvala Vam za nesebicnost i vreme i energiju koje ste ulozili u sve nas, studente iz Srbije. Neka Vam je laka zemlja i vecna slava. Uvek cete biti moj uzor i ideal.

Vuk Savkovic (Leipzig, Germany)

Dragi Profesore, Hvala za Vasu energiju, optimizam i ljubav koju ste tako nesebicno delili sa svima nama. Hvala, takodje, na recima ohrabrenja u pravo vreme. Retki su ljudi koji uvek uspevaju da ukratko druge nauce najboljem, a Vi ste to cinili sa velikom lakocom. Pocivajte u miru. Moje iskreno saucesce porodici.

Nebojsa Knezevic (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

“Ja nisam bogat covek, ja sam samo profesor, ali sve sto sam cinio, cinio sam srcem”- cesto je govorio NAS Profesor Radulovacki. U Njegovo veliko srce stali smo i MI pored mnogih cije zivote je dotakao i u njima ostavio neizbrisiv trag. Otisnuti u “nepoznato”, cesto smo se susretali sa brojnim teskocama i uvek smo se okretali prema njemu, znajuci da je uvek spreman da saslusa i pruzi pomoc. Znao je kolika je patnja onih koji su miljama udaljeni od roditeljske paznje i ljubavi i zato nam je nesebicno pruzao savet i podrsku. Posle svakog razgovora sa Njim odlazili smo sa optimizmom kojim je zracila svaka Njegova rec. Ucio nas je da u zivotu treba uvek gledati njegovu lepsu stranu. U teskim trencima umeo je da nas nasmeje i zato smo se rado druzili sa Njim brisuci razliku u godinama, jer nam je bio i roditelj i drug. Uvek bi nas hrabrio da “mozemo sve sto hocemo” i cesto tesio govoreci “da smo mogli drugacije, mi bismo uradili” ili “ne osvrcite se na proslost jer nju vise ne mozete promeniti, menjajte buducnost!” Svojom nesebicnoscu, humanoscu i zadivljujucom empatijom pruzao je pomoc svima kojima je ona bila potrebna. Kao predani istrazivac u medicinskoj nauci dao je nemerljiv doprinos resavanju velike zagonetke sna. U jednom od njih, sasvim iznedada nas je napustio, tiho kao svi PRAVEDNICI. Napustilo nas je srce naseg velikog i skromnog PROFESORA, ali svaka njegova misao i ljubav uvek ce ziveti u svima nama. Pocivajte u miru, dragi Profesore! Ivana i Nebojsa Knezevic sa porodicom

Sinisa Stanic (Champaign, Illinois)

27. maja ove godine, moja supruga Ana i ja smo izgubili velikog prijatelja – Profesora Radulovackog. Na njega smo uvek mogli da racunamo i to je bilo uzajamno. On je bio covek velikog srca. Proci ce mnogo godina pre nego sto se rodi neki novi covek poput njega. Za 12 godina njegovog letenjeg programa vise od 300 studenata iz Srbije je ugledalo Ameriku. Vise od njih 40 je ovde zavrsilo doktorate a dosli su zahvaljujuci njegovoj pomoci. Ja sam samo jedan od ogromnog broja ljudi kome je on pomogao. Gotovo da nema Srbina u oblasti Cikaga koji nije cuo za njega. Profesor nije bio bogat covek, a bio je veoma voljan da da drugima. Njegova donacija Sremskm Karlovcima je impresivna. Profesore, hvala Vam mnogo za sve sto ste ucinili za se sve nas.


Dragi Profesore Radulovacki – moja porodica i ja cemo vam vecno biti zahvalni na vasoj nesebicnoj pomoci; uvek cete biti u nasim srcima. THERE IS ONLY ONE PROFESSOR RADULOVACKI! Neka vam je laka zemlja, siguran sam da cete pocivati u raju! Moje iskreno saucesce porodici Radulovacki.

Vesna Nikolic (Oak Park, Illinois)

Dragi Prof Dr. Radulovacki neka vam je laka zemlja i da zauvek pocivate u raju. Nikada vas necu zaboraviti!

Branislav Kisačanin (Plano, TX, USA)

Dragi naš Profesore, dok nismo upoznali Vas, i Saški i meni, a verujemo i mnogima drugima, Amerika je delovala jako daleko. Vi ste nam je približili u najteže vreme za naš narod i omogućili da dobijemo američko obrazovanje. Saška i ja smo Vam posebno zahvalni, jer smo se zahvaljujući Vašem Letnjem Programu upoznali. Na sličan način ste dali poklon obrazovanja i inspiracije za nauku stotinama naših ljudi. Odužićemo Vam se onako kako ste nas učili – pomažemo i pomagaćemo drugima! Branislav Kisačanin i Aleksandra Djordjević sa decom Plano, TX

Ана Лазић (Сан Франциско, Калифорнија)

Драги Професоре, почивајте у миру. Хвала Вам за Летњи Програм и сву помоћ и савете које сте пружили и мени и многобројним студентима. Живећете вечно у нашим срцима. Вашој породици најискреније саучешће. Нека Вам је лака земља и вечна слава.

Biljana Pavlovic-Surjancev (Addison, ILLINOIS)

Sa dubokom tugom i nevericom da nas je zauvek napustio nas DRAGI I JEDINI PROFESOR MIODRAG MICA RADULOVACKI, zelimo da izrazimo ISKRENO SAUCESCE i podelimo bol sa porodicom Profesora Radulovackog u ovim teskim trenucima. NAS POSTOVANI PROFESOR je preminuo dok je cinio dobra dela i nesebicno radio da zastiti spomenike i manastire, kao i na ostvarivanju ekoloskih ciljeva okupljanja mladih ekologa i koriscenju solarne energije u EKO-KUCI u Sremskim Karlovcima, koja je osnovana njegovim zalaganjem. ON KOJI JE UVEK DAVAO, BIO NAS OTAC I MAJKA U AMERICI, MENTOR, INSPIRACIJA, COVEK VELIKOG SRCA I DUSE, DOBROTVOR, NAUCNIK, VECITI OPTIMISTA I ENTUZIJASTA, SADA JE OTET OD NAS. Moj muz Radovan Surjancev i ja ne bismo bili u Americi, da nije bilo bezrezervne pomoci i mudrih saveta Profesora Radulovackog. Daleke 1988 godine, on nas je pozvao telefonom iz Cikaga u Novi Sad jedne hladne decembarske veceri i ohrabrio nas svojim vecitim optimizmom da cemo uspeti. Taj telefonski poziv je promenio nasu sudbinu, koja bas nije bila ruzicasta u vreme kada sam ja dobijala na desetine odbijenica nakon konkurisanja na brojne oglase za posao lekara. On nas je pozvao telefonom, nakon sto je dobio nase biografije, posavetovao nas sta da uradimo, gde da se prijavimo za post-diplomske studije i preporucio nas profesorima na nasim buducim fakultetima, iako nas nije tada nikada video, iako mu nismo bili ni rod ni prijatelji, cak ni poznanici. ON JE VEROVAO U SVAKOG MLADOG COVEKA KOJI MU SE OBRATIO I SVAKOME OD NAS JE POMOGAO. Kada smo doputovali u Cikago, vrelog nedeljnog popodneva, 28. avgusta 1989, docekao nas je na aerodromu, smestio u svoju kucu, spremio nam veceru, DOCEKAO NAS JE KAO da smo mu ROD RODJENI. Nakupovao nam je hrane za celu nedelju dana da nam se nadje dok se ne snadjemo, platio nam je svojom kreditnom karticom neke upisne takse, jer mi tada nismo cak imali ni kreditne kartice, i nikada nije hteo da primi novac nazad od nas. TAKAV JE NESEBICAN I SRDACAN BIO NAS PROFESOR… Dolazio je na rodjendane nase dece, donosio im TOBLERONE iz Svajcarske, odusevljavao moje mamu i tatu, i sve Novosadjane i Vojvodjane svojim planovima i realizacijama obnove spomenika BRANKU RADICEVICU na STRAZILOVU, ISTORIJSKE CESME CETIRI LAVA u Sremskim Karlovcima, delio secanja na stare dobre gimnazijske dane sa mojim tatom koji je tada isao u jednu od novosadskih internata, i koji je godinu dana mladji od PROFESORA. Gde god je putovao slao nam je razglednice. Juce, 28. maja, smo dobili njegovu razglednicu is Sremskih Karlovaca napisanu 17 maja 2014 godine, deset dana, pre njegove iznenadne smrti. To nam je poslednja pisana uspomena od njega… MI, NJEGOVI STICENICI I STUDENTI, CEMO NASTAVITI NJEGOVA DELA nasim zalaganjima za dobrocinstva koje je on zapoceo, ali nije uspeo da ih sve zavrsi… Trudicemo se svim silama da VASE DELO NASTAVIMO tako sto cemo pomagati svima koji nam se obrate za pomoc, jer ste nas tako ucili VASIM DELOM I LICNIM PRIMEROM… DRAGI NAS VOLJENI I CENJENI PROFESORE, ZAUVEK STE SA NAMA U NASIM SRCIMA… NEKA VAM JE VECNA SLAVA I HVALA. Radovan Surjancev i Biljana Pavlovic-Surjancev, sa decom Katarinom, Ivanom, Aleksandrom-Sashom i roditeljima Dusankom Surjancev i Olgom i Gojkom Pavlovic

Svetlana Dimovski (New York, New York)

Iskreno saucesce porodici Radulovacki. Vas otac i brat je bio uzor i inspiracija generacijama studenata koje su prosle kroz njegov letnji program. Svojim nesebicnim trudom on je dao priliku svima nama da pratimo put obrazovanja i ostvarimo svoj potencijal. Moja porodica vam je beskrajno zahvalna i duboko zali zajedno sa vama. Rest in Peace dear Prof. Radulovacki. You were a true philanthropist, an educator, a role model and an inspiration. Sixteen years ago, you have touched and changed the course of my life in a most beautiful way. You’ve given me a unique, eye-opening, life-changing opportunity. You have selflessly worked for years to expand your program, so more students would have a chance to build a new life for themselves and their families. I am eternally grateful for being a tiny part of your legacy. You will be greatly missed by many. I just wish I can tell you this in person.

Dejan Nikolic (Oak Park, Illinois)

Pocivajte u miru Profesore! Hvala Vam za sve: sto ste procitali pismo kojim sam zeleo da dodjem na studije u SAD, za mnobobrojne telefonske pozive, za docek na aerodromu i pitu sa jabukama i Coca-Colu u Vasoj kuci. Vasa plemenitost ostavila je neizbrisiv trag u zivotima mnogih studenata i njihovih porodica koje sada zive u SAD. Neka vam je vecna slava!

Rade Tesic (Farmington Hills, MI)

Dragi Nas Profesore, Mi cemo Vam biti vecno zahvalni za sve sto ste uradili za nas, od prvog osmeha i ohrabrenja na aerodromu u Cikagu 19. avgusta 1994 do razglednice koju smo od Vas dobili danas a koju ste potpisali 17. maja u Sremskim Karlovcima. Pocivajte u miru i zadovoljni dragi Nas Profesore. Vi niste vise sa nama ali vasa dela ostaju. Natasa i Rade Tesic sa decom



Duska Kuhlmann (Chicago, USA)

Dragi Mico, Vi ste mnogima cinili,i zato Vas je Bog nagradio lakim prelazom na drugi svet. Neka Vam je laka zemlja. Vašim dragima izjavljujem iskreno saucesce. Duska

Породица Душана Ђорђевића (Wilmette, Illinois, USA)

Искрено саућешће синовима, унуцима и сестри Проф. Др. Миодрага Радуловачког, кога смо сви знали, веома волели и ценили. Успомена на овог заиста доброг човека остаће вечито у нама.

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