Sava Vujnić Sava Vujnić

Сава Вујнић

(1928 +2018)

У суботу 22. децембра 2018. године у 91. години живота престало је да куца племенито срце Саве Вујнић, родом из села Прибеља, општина Гламоч у Босни и Херцеговини, од оца Илета и мајке Милеве Копања. Родбина и пријатељи опростили су се од покојне Саве у среду 26. децембра 2018. године од шест сати после подне до  девет сати увече у Српском Православном Погребном Заводу Света Гора, 3517 N. Pulaski Road, Chicago, IL 60641. Мали помен обављен је у седам сати после подне у Светој Гори. Опело и сахрана биће обављени на гробљу Главице у Босни и Херцеговини. ДУБОКО ОЖАЛОШЋЕНИ: Ћерка Милица са супругом Андјелком, син Жељко са супругом Мурисом, унук Аљоша са супругом Тањом, унука Лазарела, унука Санда са супругом Бартошем, унука Сања, праунука Уна, као и остала многобројна родбина, кумови и пријатељи у Отаџбини, Америци и широм света.

За додатне информације можете се обратити СВЕТОЈ ГОРИ, српском православном погребном заводу у Чикагу на телефон 773-588-2200.

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Sorina Huerta (Wheaton, IL)

I had the privilege of knowing dear Sava at my work and she was always happy, friendly and kind to me and my fellow coworkers. She held the gift of accurately predicting the genders of our babies during pregnancy, which was wondrous! I would like to share a story about Sava: I remember running into her at Target with my then baby girl and she communicated with me to wait for her at the door when I was done shopping. As I finished paying for my items and heading towards the doors to exit the store, Sava came towards me out of nowhere. It was then I remembered she had asked me to wait at the doors. She excitedly gave me a target bag and when I looked inside there was candy - so much candy and all different kinds! She said it was for my beautiful daughter and she proceeded to hug and kiss us on the cheek. I felt overwhelmed by her kind gesture and would have liked to communicate what a kind and generous person she was, but the language barrier did not permit me to do so. When I left my job, I oftentimes wondered how Sava was doing. I do not know what led me to google her name today, but I was incredibly saddened to learn of her passing. Although I know it is no longer an option to see her now, I hope to one day meet her in the next world where I am sure God has gathered her in his arms and she is at peace.

Zorica Cimesa (Wheaton, IL)

Iskreno i duboko saucesce porodici povodom smrti moje drage teta Save. Budite jaki u ovom preteskom bolu… Teta Savina dusa odlazi u raj, medju andjele, jer ona je za zivota bila dobra i plemenita zena. Nedostajace mi mnogo, kao i moja majka Dragica. Slava Ti i Hvala, teta Savo, za sve!

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