Slobodan Janicijevic Slobodan Janicijevic

Слободан Јанићијевић

(1942 +2014)

У суботу 1. фебруара 2014. године у 72. години живота престало да куца племенито срце Слободана Јанићијевића, родом из села Боровац, општина Медвеђа у Србији, од оца Божидара и мајке Лепосаве Јанићијевић. Родбина и пријатељи су се опростили од покојног Слободана у четвртак 6. фебруара 2014. године од пет сати после подне до девет сати увече у Светој Гори, српском православном погребном заводу у Чикагу, 3517 Норт Пуласки Роуд. Мали помен је обављен у 7. сати увече у Светој Гори. Опело је обављено у петак 7. фебруара 2014. године у 11 сати пре подне у манастиру Нова Грачаница. После опела била је одржана сахрана на манастирском гробљу. ДУБОКО И ВЕЧНО ОЖАЛОШЋЕНИ: Супруга Милијана, синoви Мич са супругом Хуанитом и ћерком Викторијом и син Ник, сестре Јованка Јовановић, Десанка Стњевановић и Душанка Милошевић са њиховим породицама, као и остала многобројна родбина, кумови и пријатељи у Отаџбини, Америци и широм света.

За додатне информације можете се обратити СВЕТОЈ ГОРИ, српском православном погребном заводу у Чикагу на телефон 773-588-2200.

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Mitch Janicijevic (Orland Park, IL)

On this eve of the 9th anniversary of my Dad’s passing, I am writing to say that hardly a day goes by without a thought or remembrance of him. I miss him a lot! Everyone who knew him misses him, because he was such a likable man! People who knew my Dad have only good things to say about him! And I know my Dad ….He would truly be so proud of his only grandchild! Victoria has really become someone! It all started with You, Dad, and your sacrifices. Thank you, Dad! I miss you, Dad! We ALL miss you!

Mitch Janicijevic (Orland Park, IL)

I’m writing this over 5 years since my Father’s passing. I still think of him daily, as does my Mother. His passing has had a profound affect on us. My Father is still frequently talked about with fondness by those who knew him. For instance, his friend, Pepe, who was deeply affected by his death, and was away in Mexico at that time, still mentions my Father fondly when he talks with my Mom. Many others, who learned of his passing later, have been visibly moved when told of it. As for me, I really wish that he can see how remarkable his only grandchild has become! Victoria continues to live a life of a princess, amazing us all along the way. My Dad would surely be extremely proud of her, as am I! I only hope he sees it, somehow. I truly miss him!

Mitch Janicijevic (Orland Park, Illinois)

On this 4th anniversary of my Father’s passing, I would like to post that hardly a day goes by without a thought of him. He is very sorely missed! His only granddaughter, Victoria, continues to amaze us all with her lofty achievements. It’s my sincerest of hope that he can see all that she has become. We all love and miss you, Dad!!!

Mitch Janicijevic (Orland Park, Illinois)

On the 3rd Anniversary of my Father’s death, I want to post that his only Granddaughter, Victoria, graduated from Lewis University on December 18 of this past year, and that she is progressing successfully with her career as a Nurse. My Father would have been VERY proud of her! It’s my hope that he can see all that she has become, thanks to HIM! Thank You, Dad!!!

Mitch Janicijevic (Orland Park, IL)

It has been a little over a year since my Dad passed away, so I am posting this to say that not a day goes by that I don’t think of him. My Dad was a very well-liked man, whose passing deeply saddened many who knew him.

Jose Corral (Chgo, IL)

My condolences to the Janicijevic family. Your Dad was great man, God Bless him and your family

Aaron (LEFTY) Avila (Berwyn, Ill)

My Deepest Condolences to You & All Family members…. Your father was allways kind person to All kids who lived on 30th & HARDING…. We were many on this block …. May God Bless his Soul & be in a better place…

Julio Avila (Chicago, IL)

My deepest condolences to your family. He was a dedicated family man. May your dad rest in eternal peace.

Ignacio Granja (Chicago, IL)

Mitch … Although it is hard to look beyond the sadness of today, may looking back at all the wonderful memories comfort your future. Our family extends our most sincerest condolences to you and your family.

Mitch Janicijevic (Orland Park, IL)

Slobodan Janicijevic was very young when he lost both of his parents to illness. As the eldest, he took it upon himself to provide for his siblings, as well as his step-mother. Slobodan had to endure many hardships, many privations, all to ensure his family’s survival. These hardships were endured in an atmosphere where life was already hard….no running water, no natural gas for heating or cooking, no electricity. That rough way of life did not deter Slobodan, however, from doing the right thing. As the eldest son, he felt it was his duty to suffer for the greater good of his family, which did, in the end, survive and thrive. As Slobodan grew older, he had an idea, a dream if you will, to start a family in country called the USA. Slobodan once again stepped forward and worked hard to provide a comfortable life for his wife and sons here in America. Aside from his retiring in May of 2012, I cannot remember a day he didn’t have a job to go to! As his older son, I am so very happy that he made America his home. I owe so much to his decision to come here, the land of opportunity. I am proud to be an American, and proud to call Slobodan Janicijevic my Dad. May god bless his soul! Bye Dad!

Dave Jordan (Plainfield, IL)

I’m so sorry to hear of your Father’s passing. We will keep you and your family in our prayers.

John Stroger Hospital of Cook County (chicago, IL)

We the staff at John Stroger Hospital send our sincere condolences to the family. He was truly a “Trooper” and will definitely be missed…We send our blessings to the family.

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