Stevan Popovich Stevan Popovich

Stevan Popovich

(1949 + 2015)

Sа tugоm i žalоšću јаvlјаmо dа је u pеtаk 20. fеbruаrа 2015. gоdinе u 66. gоdini živоtа prеstаlо dа kucа plеmеnitо srcе Stеvаnа Pоpоvićа iz Čikаgа, rоdоm iz Bеоgrаdа, оd оcа Rаdоја i mајkе Zоrе Pоpоvić. Rоdbinа i priјаtеlјi оprоstilisu sе оd pоkојnоg Stеvаnа u čеtvrtаk 26. fеbruаrа 2015. gоdinе оd pеt sаti pоslе pоdnе dо dеvеt sаti uvеčе u Svеtој Gоri, srpskоm prаvоslаvnоm pоgrеbnоm zаvоdu u Čikаgu, 3517 Nоrt Pulаski Rоud. Маli pоmеn оbаvlјеn je u sеdаm sаti uvеčе u Svеtој Gоri. Оpеlо jе оbаvlјеnо u subotu 6. marta 2015. godinbe nа Nоvоm Grоblјu u Bеоgrаdu. DUBОKО I VЕČNО ОŽАLОŠĆЕNI: Suprugа Brаnkа, sin Džоšuа sа suprugоm Dоn, unuci Dоminik i Dајsоn, brаt Zоrаn sа suprugоm Јаsnоm u ćеrkоm Unоm, brаt Мiоdrаg sа sinоvimа Dаnkоm i Таdiјоm, brаt Rаdоје sа suprugоm Bаrbаrоm i dеcоm Lоnоm, Zоrоm i Pоlоm, fаmiliје Pоpоvić, Мirоvić i Stаnkоvić kао i оstаlа mnоgоbrојnа rоdbinа, kumоvi i priјаtеlјi u Оtаdžbini, Аmеrici i širоm svеtа.

Za dodatne informacije možete se obratiti SVETOJ GORI, srpskom pravoslavnom pogrebnom zavodu u Čikagu na telefon 773-588-2200.

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Walter, Lorie, and Chloe Doskey (Dallas , TX)

We knew Stevan Popovich as a man of few words and many deeds. In the relatively short time we knew him, he proved to be a great help to not just us but others he met. He could relate so many interesting things about the towns and countries where he grew up, and lived. We never knew him to raise his voice in anger or to be anything other than the gentle but strong soul he was. He was a man who gave of himself freely when someone needed him. We miss him already. We were lucky to have him as a friend. We look forward to having a cup of his favorite Turkish coffee with him in the next life. We hope the grief his family and friends feel will soon be replaced by the pride and honor in having had such a fine man in their lives.

Wayne and Genie Simpson (Lacombe , LA)

Even though we only knew Stevan for a very short time, we liked him immediately. We all enjoyed Endymion and people on the parade route warmed up to him as well. Then came the hours sitting on the front porch just chatting the time away. And, what a treat it was to have his Turkish coffee! He will be greatly missed by all. Rest in peace, Amen.

Marilyn and Marc Franson (Kenilworth , IL)

Stevan was a true friend, hard-working, humble and honest. His work showed the greatest skill. In fact, he was an artisan and rightfully proud of his work. He never wanted to be idle very long and loved making and fixing things and in doing so, making things better. Stevan was always happy, never angry or downcast. He cheerfully shared a smile, a story and kindness. He was truly humble. We could trust Stevan with anything–he would even pick up our daughter at school when we couldn’t. He will be missed by us and by many. He spoke fondly of his wife, his son, his grandchildren, family and his homeland. Yet he respected this country. We were fortunate to spend some of his last days with him enjoying the good food in New Orleans and the Mardi Gras parades. He made a sign about Serbia and met some people who had visited Belgrade recently and immediately struck up a new friendship. He made friends wherever he went. People gravitated toward his warmth and generosity. He cared about others even if he did not know them well, and they sense that in him. When he returns this final time to Belgrade, there will be a great loss here. But we know that being the kind of man he was that Stevan is with his God. May we be more like him so that we too can be with him in eternal life. Rest in peace, dear friend Stevan.

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